Residential complex Nueva Condomina

A contemporary-styled residential complex.

An “inverted L” shaped plot facing southeast. The single family dwellings are located on the longer side of the plot, creating a long, horizontal structure that faces a short, vertical structure which is used as a landmark to accentuate the building design.
The building is protected from the South in the hot season. The light from the East is used and it opens up on the Northeast side where the evening sun helps to warm up the homes in the winter. In the summer, a system of cantilevers, sunshades, permeable panels and slatted shutters give protection from the sun.
The organisation of the complex and the arrangement of the homes are based on two ideas: make the most of the open, unobstructed views in the north and create an energy efficient building based on finding the right orientation for the homes which use sun protection systems. Renewable materials with construction systems that have little environmental impact.
Project carried out together with f102 arquitectos.

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