Residential complex L7 in Toledo

A modern-styled residential complex, utilising unique materials.

The building is organised around inner gardens creating its very own residential area. Open ended homes with natural light and ventilation in all the rooms. Distant scenery and nearby views in the inner garden.
The gardens are used to help control the heat. Wells and ponds level with the ground have been incorporated to make the air flow by means of adiabatic cooling.
Pergolas with plants provide protection from the evaporating water from the wells.
Local deciduous plants (ash trees, acacia and banana trees) are planted in lines to protect the façades from the extreme sun in the summer (South and West façades).
Perennial species (Holm oaks, olive trees, poplars, aspen and cottonwood) are planted in lines to protect the Northern façades against the cold winter winds.
Rain water collection and storage systems to water the garden. Drip irrigation, micro irrigation and programmed systems.
Specific areas are set aside for waste management and recycling

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