Refurbishment and interior design project for a Venezuelan/Spanish fusion restaurant in a Colonial and Nordic style

Separated from the competition and situated in Calle Castaños, Alicante, the Oricao restaurant is in the heart of the food neighbourhood. The owners sought to stand out and attract a new type of client by creating new synergies previously unheard of in that area of the old town. The venue offers a fusion of typical Spanish and Venezuelan food, from where the proprietors hail, and a very natural image was wanted to take customers on a trip to South America.
To complete this idea, masonry walls and stone pillars were left mostly visible and was combined with lime stucco walls and incorporated intense green and earthen tiles. On the floor, a straw clay paving made up of triangular pieces, paired with natural fibres and reeds covering the ceiling, creating a very natural and welcoming aura. All the furniture follows a similar train of thought with chairs, benches and stools made from wood and rattan. All the tables were bespoke for the project, with a whole host of shapes and heights, really investigating differing ways of living in the space.
In terms of generating an impression of a tropical climate, the furniture alone would not be enough, so a great variety of plant-life has been integrated into the design as clients enter the premises, as well as decoration that gives meaning to the performance, attempting to fuse the gastronomic and interior design experience to be as one.

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