Mediterranean restyling project of a beachside restaurant

The PLAYA restaurant, situated on the main Santa Pola promenade opposite the Llevant beach, were looking to overhaul their image entirely to attract a greater diversity of customers. The main priority was establishing a new customer journey into the premises by opening and exposing the interior to the exterior as much as possible, so that from the inside the sensation was almost like being on the shoreline, whilst also generating an attractive outside aesthetic. In addition, an adjoining terrace was created using a surrounding glass curtain, but when completely retracted provide that feeling of blurring the lines between interior and exterior.
The main façade and chamfer are decorated with an enamel navy-blue square tile and the backlighting the lettering of PLAYA. The visual is completed by the interior, which is protected from the sun by means of oak shutters, locally sourced from Alicante.
Pastel palettes between ochre and peachy tones adorn the walls, whilst maintaining the existing marble on the floor. On the ceiling, a wooden grid is created that follows the rhythm of the table-plan, onto which natural fibre nodes are placed to improve the internal acoustics.
The decorative use and furniture built using traditional ceramic elements, rattan, woven flax and/or wood together creates a very comfortable overall space that is rich in detail, while the configuration helps to differentiate environments: a cooler terrace on the ground floor leads through to an informal bar area perfect for a quick snack, to an area of continuous booths with the sea as a backdrop on the mezzanine floor, to a relaxed lounge area with a tropical theme.
One of the most striking elements, however, is the double-height patio that connects both floors. A natural patio feel is created through a backlit stretch ceiling, where hanging lighting come through vegetation, and harmonises with the back wall wallpaper complementing a fresh, bright and Mediterranean touch that envelopes you throughout the premises.

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