Funky Chicken

A bar/restaurant project in an eclectic style with grunge undertones

If you are going to give a restaurant the name ‘Funky Chicken’ the patrons should be expecting a diner with something a little bit extra from your regular roast chicken venue. And different comes from the outside in as on one of Alicante’s busiest corners you find a sloping pavement dropping over a metre from the front windows to the side entrance! The facade covering the street level view was torn down and replaced with windows allowing the passing pedestrians a view of the unique interior of this modern restaurant. The distribution of space was determined in the same style, with the first focal point being a large bar area upon entering alongside some high-topped tables and stools, and differentiated areas for gathering friends and family alike, including a six-metre plus long cedar table and wall-running benches with plant surrounds giving possibilities for any type of meal. The rest of the aesthetic is created using abundant lighting and lush vegetation above dining tables, coupled with neon and graffiti wall adorning chickens and at no time are you allowed to forget that tasting grilled chicken here is a unique experience.

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