Partial renovation in the centre of Elche

Partial renovation in a contemporary, modern style, in the centre of Elche

In this spacious apartment in central Elche, the owners had a property where they were only using the bedroom, bathroom and day area after their now adult children had flown the nest. The floor space was extremely closed in with room separation hampering the area that it held, and the furniture and decor were extremely dated meaning a change of era was necessary. To solve the problem, the installation of grooved, sliding glass doors gave separation (when needed) between the living room and kitchen in the revamped floorplan and the same glass was used through to the gallery, allowing the through passage of natural light without allowing a clear visual line. By using natural-style porcelain marble, veined walnut and indoor vegetation throughout, and through integrating them successfully with the existing emperor marble floor, a bright, fresh and natural look is achieved.

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