Interior design in the centre of Elche

Interior design and decoration project with both and classic and contemporary renovation

Whilst the owners wanted an interior to refocus the style to incorporate their attic extension, the current distribution of the floor space was not to be altered, ensuing our selection of materials and furniture, lighting and décor was paramount to achieving this. In the day area, a ten-metre long, linear panelled, oak sideboard (although stained in an ash colour) was installed to unify the kitchen and gallery, whilst a central island with a matt-black porcelain exterior became the focal point of an impressively proportioned day area facilitating the everyday routines of the inhabiting family. The floor is also oak, with less of a bleach staining, to bring warmth and comfort to the space, and is accentuated by panelling and slats to really bring a visual homogeneity. This too is amplified by the corner facade placement, flooding the area with natural light and creating a spacious atmosphere, while the indirect lighting and the tonality of the other furniture pieces and decoration create an elegant, neutral style requested by the owners.

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