Creative Hair Salon

Refurbishment design for a beauty salon, with a mid-century bohemian style

This renovation project for an Alicante beauty salon was led by the clear visions foreseen by the owner to have different spaces that would generate a different experience for each client as they entered the salon, in terms of both the service they were receiving and as an overall view. To enhance the wants of the client, bespoke furniture was designed to ensure that every detail mattered. The use of natural materials was exaggerated by leaving ceiling and walls stripped back revealing utilities, painted ivory, and wooden beams juxtaposing with the polished, brass-framed, elongated mirrors, backlit to give a mannerist effect that personalises each and every haircut.This also stands apart from the SPA area, separated from the hubbub of the main shopfloor not only physically through the use of sliding, translucent glass doors, but with a specific sound-system and dimmer lighting schematic that acclimatises the patrons to a state of well-being.

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