Eat&speak restaurant

Full overhaul of an international cuisine restaurant, with a mid-century ambience.

The Eat&Speak restaurant is located in the bustling centre of Alicante, specifically at the crossing of Calle Gerona and Calle Castaños, and is designed as a place of calm to disconnect from the world outside, with space to eat and talk with friends and family alike (as suggested by the name).

The ambience was created through a specific distribution of the tables, using benches to enjoy the natural light flooding through the large side windows and placing three circular tables in the centre of the space.

These enjoy illumination not only naturally, but by eye-catching over-hanging lamps which are identifiable through the windows as a unique feature of the establishment.

There is also a separate area with a high-topped table and a low window table designed for conversation before dining, or meeting up for drinks.

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