House reform and extension in Alzabares

Extension and internal renovation of a large house with a contemporary, mediterranean style

For this traditional house in the outskirts of Elche, three objectives needed to be met: Unification and extension of the day zones; incorporation of a dressing room and bathroom to the main bedroom, although maintaining the existing space; and a new enlarged room for their eldest son. The new day zone was an amalgamation of the kitchen, living and dining rooms, and the pantry and extending through the West facia of the property. Having demolished the existing partitions, a large-scale porcelain floor was laid throughout the new area, extending even to the pool and terrace, to create a powerful dynamic on its base. A sliding, grooved wooden door was installed between the living space and the kitchen allowing the odours and noise of food preparation to be cocooned whenever necessary, but offers a large interior space to be enjoyed at all other times. Through the use of sliding glass doors and appropriately hung curtains, the night area allows seclusion from the master suite when required, but allows the same dimensions to seem enlarged when fully opened, accentuated by the restoration of the existing wooden floor throughout. So as not to disappoint, the new extension was extended further, albeit in a vertical direction to incorporate the needs of the son in having more privacy. The new bedroom is housed above only one of the flat-roofed volumes and an internal access, steel staircase wrapped in frosted glass and topped with a sloping crown complimenting the existing roofing design.

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