CalizVazquez Office

New-build office design and styling project in a mid-century, industrial style

This project is our very own design studio and throughout the design and final build, we wanted to clearly convey our unique way of thinking: A way of working that does not follow fashions and always tries to gather details of very different styles and combine them in the most appropriate way to please each client, making every project bespoke to their wants and needs. This is what we like to call ‘tailored eclecticism’. Each undertaken project must have its own soul, its own identity and we show this to the full extent within our own premises. The overall concept for our place of work was natural materials and retaining their authentic state. The design and build shows the raw materials and how the structure came together, for example with the thermo-clay walls and metallic pillars covered only in black lacquer, and this exemplifies our ethos when it comes to tackling projects. For us, architecture and interior design are not two separate elements, but fused together when conceptualising and generating the results you can see through our array of completed projects. Neither is prioritised over the other, nor is one tackled first, indeed both disciplines are fully integrated from the very beginning. Another example would be the continuous terrazzo floor made in situ with a mixture of aggregates, specifically chosen for our studio, or the ceiling of pine wood beams and OSB panels seen from the inside. We were also intent on creating a building that consumed the least energy possible and this was achieved with very conceptual elements, starting with it’s southerly orientation. This facilitates the thermo-clay northern facia to turn into a large glass cloth allowing views of the garden and the access of natural light into the building, and heating the rooms during colder months: conversely there is a one-metre overhang on the roof designed to protect from direct sunlight in the summer, eliminating heat gains and reducing the need for air-conditioning. Furthermore, the north wall contains three holes that allow cross ventilation and adequate air renewal. Internally, each project’s uniquity is exemplified through bespoke work tables crafted in walnut with the edges lowered visually seeming lightweight which is unusual for large tables. Finally, a topic that we consider of vital importance and that undoubtedly generates the final environment we want to achieve: lighting. Indirect lights and warm tones throughout the inside, with specific points of light needed for work stations and creating a functional working environment. Also outside, illuminating at night the vegetation surrounding the studio and highlighting the importance of nature in the overall gestation of our projects.

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