Kamome l’Aljub

Interior design refurbishment project for a timeless and elegant footwear store

Following the design created for the original store in the centre of Elche, this time we had to bring the new image of Kamome to the city’s main shopping centre, l’ Aljub.
With a larger surface area and a different dynamic flow from that found in their local, street-level store, the main elements were reorganizing and imposing the brand’s identity in a more attractive way on the new premises.
To maintain an elegant image, the choice of furniture style and materials used were imperative, so two large islands were placed in the centre of the store to determine the possible customer routes. To focus the attention, suspended above these some backlit bronze shelves are placed ensuring the product is at eye level, thus creating a singular exposure topography.
The signature shelves with oak trays and natural steel uprights were also maintained, but integrated with other different display units such as wall-mounted trays for footwear, which break with the regularity and uniformity of using a single exposure method. This generates dynamism, rhythm and asymmetry within the store to further incentivise the customer.

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