Two storey bungalow renovation

A full renovation with Mediterranean themes through this quaint residence.

With many objectives to be met in this complex refurbishment, a 3D visualisation was created showing the entire transformation. The dining and living areas were merged with the kitchen into a singular, multi-use living space with a central island on which to cook and eat, and to be used visually to disburse the room. The area was brought together by a harmonious interior décor which replaced the original random furniture collection, updated and blending the pieces together.

The main entrance greeted you with a continual view over the space, which was a little too public and remedied with a wooden lattice that allowed the light to circulate, but added a touch of privacy to the lounge area. Another addition was a sliding wooden-slat door that could separate areas when needed, especially isolating cooking odours, but without disrupting the lighting aesthetic.

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