Renovation in Alfonso X

A mid-century styled, full house renovation maximising the natural light through vast windows in the day area.

This family home in the centre of Alicante has a vast southern façade making the most of the natural light generated by floor-to-ceiling, timber-framed windows lovingly preserved for their authenticity and aesthetic value.

Our main objective was to allow this natural light to illuminate the kitchen area through the living and dining rooms and it was achieved by raising the kitchen floor above the level of the day areas and enveloping it with glass to allow the light through, but retain cooking odours and/or smoke.

The glass is fronted by a wall of wooden slats that can close off the kitchen area when needed, while allowing direct line of sight to the views when not. The bedroom space was also redistributed to allow the space to be maximised for not only taking in the wonderful views, but allowing wardrobes and other storage furniture to coexist with a study and guest area, creating space lit naturally through the aforementioned eye-catching windows.

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