Wood&White Renovation

Modern style redecoration of living space, with a white and wood theme

In a house with both an outdated distribution and dark, ornate décor from times gone by that absorbed the vast majority of the natural light, one of the main aims was to reverse this. Through a complete overhaul of the configuration and specific selection of the materials used, the space appears much larger and much more contemporary.
The main reconfiguration was to merge a single bedroom into the living room, uncomplicating the original floorplan and reducing the number of walls boxing-in the overall space. Placing a mobile, three-leaf foldable panel allows the compartmentalization when needed, but makes the new area appear much wider than previously seen. Further space is gained by sacrificing some of the terrace to the master bedroom, and this allows a greater flow of natural light as the space is brought closer to the outside.
The furniture and decorative pieces maintain the original dimensions, but allow the visage of increased size through being not only more functional, but more harmonised by the tones and materials used, with each area bathing in natural light. The prevailing white walls and ceilings overseeing an oak flooring (aside from the wet areas), punctuated with lacquered wood furniture and panelling, contemporary sofas and dining table, macael marble countertops in the kitchen and vintage furniture featuring in the connected hall area generating a modern yet warm environment.
It is worth making special notice of the textures on the vertical surfaces, breaking the monotony of the white with the slatted mobile panels that separate the living and dining areas from the entrance hall and the slotted door cabinets that welcome you as you enter the house.

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