Renovation in Castelló Street

Apartment renovation in a classic building in the Salamanca Neighbourhood, Madrid

The new owners of this flat, a married couple and their daughters, live in the outskirts of Madrid and bought the property with the idea of making it an ideal apartment to stop over whilst visiting the city centre. The existing layout was inefficient and a modernisation of the whole space was needed to make the most of the living space and to develop its potential.

The design’s foundations were considering the restrictions of having few windows on the façade as a limited source of natural light, while some rooms placed lengthwise along a corridor were illuminated via internal patios. With the loading walls running along the entrance of the property, this pushed us towards segmenting the house into two zones: a day area, a pair of small bedrooms and the master suite.

The day space unifies the living and dining room combined to share the view overlooking the street, accessing the kitchen through the two holes in the load wall, which allow these two rooms to relate to each other although maintaining the possibility of separation.

The girls’ bedrooms and connecting bathroom are arranged in the centre, and narrowest part, of the property, next to one of the inner courtyards, taking advantage of that light source.
The master bedroom, containing both a dressing room and a bathroom, takes presidency over the widest part of the house, next to the other inner courtyard.

Significant elements of the refurbishment include the use of wood in different formats (slats, boards and grooved panels) both on walls and floors, to create a very cozy and natural environment, which when combined with the indirect lighting and the white tones through the rest of the furniture, curtains, counter-tops and paintings, give the house more luminosity and comfort. This gives the property a unique style which was the main objective of the owners.

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