l’Aljub Pharmacy

Naturalistic chic design for a new pharmacy in a popular shopping centre

Moving from a local premises into a unit in a large shopping centre meant the owner wanted to give her pharmacy a full overhaul as instead of having the fixed clientele of the previous location, the new site’s image should be attractive and unique enough to invite you to take a look while at the same time retaining a quiet and natural aura appropriate to a health facility. To do this, first of all, all the furniture is designed specifically for them. From the linear ones to the lateral ones, to the hanging shelves exhibiting products through the shop-floor, and easily-accessible displays of products on promotion, there are demonstration counters that beg investigation and, once inside, the discovery of new, externally unseen zones, like a small rest area between artificial trees on the way to the payment point and as a backdrop to the premises (one of the key pieces of the project) designing and populating a large shelf with mason jars harking back to the apothecaries of old. The colour scheme on the right wall are lacquered in white while those on the left are in green, enhance the effect of the pastel green terrazzo floor that is proposed and that personalizes and characterises the project, the central exhibitors are made of copper, thus projecting a more modern image of traditional pharmacy and adding that sophisticated and original selling point that was requested

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